Service Staff

Why Choose East Valley Nissan?
We have 11 Main shop technicians all Certified by Nissan 7 of them being Master Certified with a combined total of over 260 years of experience
8 Nissan Certified Express Technicians
3 Window Tinters with over 30 years of experience 

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Corey Corcoran
Service Director

Corey Corcoran is our Certified Service Director and has been with Nissan for 1 year and brings over 18 years of Customer Service experience. Corey Has received multiple levels of Certifications and Awards for outstanding Customer Satisfaction. 

Adam Pia
Assistant Service Manager

Adam Pia is our Certified Service manager who bring 13 years of customer service experience to our team, although not with Nissan Adam has received Employee Excellence for Customer Satisfaction and well Certified with his previous brand. 

Alana Peoples
Warranty Claims Administrator

Alana Peoples is our Certified Warranty Administrator who has 15 years of Nissan experience.  

Eddie Kempfle
Customer Relations Manager

Eddie Kempfle is our Certified Nissan Customer Relations Manager, Eddie was previously a Certified Nissan Service Advisor who has 3 years plus Nissan Experience and also maintained a high level of Customer Satisfaction. 

Tasha Bromley
Customer Service Team Scheduler

Jared Gregory
Service Consultant

Jared Gregory is a Nissan Certified Service Advisor with 14 years of Nissan experience; He has maintained 6 years of award winning Customer Satisfaction with Nissan and on track obtain his 7th award.

Richard Bergstrom
Service Consultant

Richard Bergstrom is a Nissan Certified Service Advisor who brings 13 years of customer service experience to our team. Richard is on track to obtain award winning Customer Satisfaction. 

Stephen tapia
Service Consultant

Stephen Tapia is a Nissan Certified Service Advisor with 6 years of Nissan experience , Stephen had obtained Award winning Customer Satisfaction  2 times and is on track for his 3rd award this year.

Joselin Rubio
Service Cashier

Olivia Samaniego
Service Cashier